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Cyber Liability in Florida

Florida Cyber Liability from Great South Insurance Agency
  • Do you own a small business?
  • Could you experience a data breach?

The answers might be YES to both questions. You might not think the second question could ever affect your business.

An intruder could enter your computer system, laptop, tablet or phone and obtain information that is protected by state or federal law. If you have names, addresses, personal information such as dates of birth, sales records, bank account or routing numbers and other protected data your business has a serious risk.

Do you have a network? Is it protected? The largest businesses that have maximum protection for their network have experienced data breaches. A hacker could exploit your network and compromise your data. A small business network is easily breached.

A virus on your network or computer can transmit data through your internet connection. A virus can open a port on your network and receive and send data over the internet – without you even realizing it.

What can this mean to your business if a cyber-attack occurs in your business?
  • You could incur legal fees if you are sued because of the breach.
  • You might be required to pay damages to a customer who has had their information breached.
  • You will have the cost of notifying everyone who’s Personal Information has been breached.
  • You may be required to pay for the cost of restoring personal identities of affected customers.
  • You could incur the cost of reconstructing your data.
  • If your network or computers are damaged there is likely to be a cost incurred in repairing them

We work with companies that can provide you with Cyber Liability Protection. It is an important coverage for your small business.

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