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Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Florida Motorcycle Insurance from Great South Insurance Agency

The law requires motorcycles owners in Florida to have insurance and not following this rule attracts severe legal consequences. It is advisable for motorcycle owners to understand the requirements applicable in the state to avoid problems with the law. The following are some facts that every rider in St. Petersburg FL should know.

Liability insurance

Accidents involving motorcycles are regular on the roads, and they cause injuries to the riders, pedestrians, and other motorists. Through liability insurance, the rider is covered against injuries caused to others or damage to property. The policy comes with guest passenger insurance to cater for injuries suffered by motorcycle passengers. When a rider has the policy, they do not bear the responsibility for personal damages arising from accidents for which they are responsible.

Protection against personal injury

The insurance caters for any income lost while the rider recovers from injuries. The coverage also provides for damages related to the accident whether the rider caused the accident or not. Great South Insurance Agency strongly recommends being knowledgeable of this policy as it caters for the injuries you obtain in an accident.

Comprehensive insurance

Motorcycle riders in Florida can also take full policy for hazards such as arson, theft, fire, weather, animals, and more. The whole coverage provides the motorcycle owner with peace of mind as it covers different risks that are not related to a motorcycle collision with another vehicle.

Collision coverage

Many accidents in St. Petersburg, FL involving motorcycles are as a result of a collision, and they cause injuries and property damage. A collision policy caters for your motorcycle in the event of an accident. If you are found at fault, this may be the only policy that will cover your bike.

Custom parts coverage

Some motorcycle owners personalize their bikes according to their preferences. Custom parts are costly to fix on bikes. With a custom parts policy, it is easy to replace custom parts if they get damaged. You and your insurance agent will need to agree on a value for these parts.

It is essential to have your motorcycle adequately insured to have smooth rides in Florida. If you are looking for more information about motorcycle insurance, contact or visit Great South Insurance Agency. Our agents can help answer your questions and get you a quote on motorcycle insurance.

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