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Flood Insurance in Florida

Florida Flood Insurance with Great South Insurance Agency

In the state of Florida, flooding is a critical risk. Considering the state is a peninsula surrounded by ocean and possessing much swampland, both the inland and the coast are at risk of flooding. Furthermore, it seems just as hurricane season is over, there’s those pesky King Tides to worry about. Insurance to cover this unfortunate possibility is not generally provided in a homeowner’s policy, and thus it must be purchased separately.

Do I need Flood Insurance?

Depending on where a home is located, you may be required to purchase flood insurance as a condition of a mortgage. That’s where we, the good people of Great South Insurance Agency, come in to help you to find the flood insurance policy that suits you best! We understand your flood insurance needs, being as we are located in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL, right on the Gulf Coast. Yes, even in the Sunshine City a little rain must fall.

Approximately 2.4 million South Florida homes face risk from rising waters over the next fifty years. That’s 2.4 million homes in pressing need of flood insurance! If you live in one of those houses, you’re actively urged to get insurance to cover property loss or damage before the worst happens. Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irma, for example, both caused excessive losses. It is also important to make note that a flood insurance policy will take up to 30 days to process before it is active. The sooner you get started, the better.

How to get started

Call an agent at Great South Insurance Agency today for a quote to get you started on the path to peace of mind that only a secure flood policy can bring. As there have been changes to the National Flood Insurance Program regarding Florida specifically in recent years, you are encouraged to speak with an agent for further details. We are conveniently located in St. Petersburg, FL and invite you to pay us a visit for a quote. You can reach us by phone during regular business hours at 727-447-4100 or fax us at 727-493-5896.

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