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Commercial Insurance in Florida

Commercial Insurance

Most people have all of their insurance needs covered. They have their home protected, their vehicle covered, and possibly some life insurance should the worst happen. That is all that is needed, right? Unfortunately, this is what many people may think. But do you run a business where you have numerous employees and vehicles that help your company operate? Do you work in delivery or perhaps work remotely? If this is the case, you may not be as protected from the unknown as you may think. Luckily, residents in Florida understand the importance of commercial insurance.

What is commercial insurance?
Commercial Package Policy

Commercial Package Policies (CPP) provide businesses with essential property and liability coverage. Some companies can link the Commercial Package Policy to other policies like Commercial Auto, Umbrella or Inland Marine. The package is flexible and can be configured to a company’s specific need. The package allows for the basic policy to be expanded to include a variety of special coverages. A broad range of business risk can be covered by the special package programs from Great South Insurance Agency.

Business Owners Policy

The Businessowners Policy (BOP) also combines property and liability coverages into a package as does the CPP. The BOP is tailored to the smaller business, and the guidelines for writing the policy are narrow when compared to the CPP policy. While the policy was basic when first introduced companies have expanded it to include a wide variety of “automatic” coverages. Some examples of policy additions might include coverage for Business Interruption, Accounts Receivable and data processing.

Business Auto Policy

Business Auto coverage encompasses commercial vehicles of all types. Delivery vans, pickup and light trucks and heavier trucks are all examples of vehicles that can be covered by the Business Auto Policy.

Garage Policy

Garage insurance offers coverage specifically for those types of ventures in the business of servicing automobiles. Repair and Body shops and parking facilities are examples of businesses that have special coverage needs.

Excess Liability Policy

Excess liability coverage often referred to as ‘umbrella” policies provide an extra layer of liability for a business. Most often the excess liability policy can be written “over the top of” a CPP, BOP or Auto policy.

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